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Former Georgia Tech football star allegedly locked son in basement for nearly two years

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GEORGIA – A former college football player and his wife accused of locking one of their children in the basement have turned themselves in to police.

Police in Georgia say the couple held the child prisoner for nearly two years.

Escorted by his attorney, Recardo Wimbush turned himself in.

The former Georgia Tech player walked through the metal detector wearing brown khaki’s and a blue polo shirt.

Through a Gwinnett County Detention Center window, reporters watched Wimbush fill out paper work.

Winbush’s wife Therian, walked up moments after her husband, with her own attorney.

She avoided the cameras, saying nothing as she entered the jail.

Neither of the parents, nor their attorneys spoke to the media.

As the attorney’s left, one of them replied…

“No Comment.”

When asked about their client.

The husband and wife faced a Friday deadline to turn themselves into authorities.

Police have accused the couple of locking one of their ten children in a room in the basement for nearly 2 years in Buford.

Detectives say the couple claim the boy was punished for molesting three of his younger siblings.

Investigators have no proof of the claim.

Police charged the Wimbush’s with cruelty to children and false imprisonment.