Investigation closed: Deputies say no evidence to confirm dog was dragged behind vehicle

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Warning: Some of the images in this video may be considered disturbing and graphic.

UPDATE: The Logan County Sheriff's Office say the investigation into animal cruelty is closed.

The veterinarian could not positively identify what caused the dog's injuries and investigators couldn't find any witnesses that could confirm the dog had been dragged by a vehicle.

GUTHRIE, Okla. - Logan County authorities are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

They say a dog was dragged behind a vehicle.

Miraculously, the one year old pit bull mix is expected to be just fine.

He's at the Free to Live animal sanctuary in Logan County.

Construction workers building an event center near the intersection of Simpson and Western first discovered the dog and saw the giant wound that runs along the entire length of his back.

"We do have dogs around here on this job site and we all like dogs. You know they're kind of our companions because we're working all the time and we're out of town, so it was a little sickening to see that," said Scot Giesenschlag.

They say they saw two dogs with similar wounds but were only able to round up one of them and take him to the animal sanctuary.

The executive director of Free to Live, Matthew Goodwin, says he was disgusted when he was the dog's back.

"We really feel like he was drug behind some type of a vehicle and that it was an intentional thing. This wasn't just an accident that he fell, but this looks like an intentional act to harm this animal," said Goodwin. "You don't know how someone could do this, what would motivate someone to do this."

Staff members of Free to Live named the dog Simpson, after the road he was found on.

They took him to a vet Monday afternoon.

"With his wounds on his back, they are cleaning those extensively, washing those out, anti-bacterial and making sure that infection doesn't set in," said Goodwin.

Goodwin says the vet told him the injuries appeared to be about a week old.

The Logan County Sheriff's Department is now involved as well, searching for the person who could be responsible.

"This is a terrible thing if it was done intentionally, which clearly it was. And I just can't imagine how scared a dog or any type of animal or human would've been being drug behind a car. That's just about as bad as it gets," said Chief Deputy Rich Stephens.

Stephens says they are looking for a person of interest; a white male in his early thirties driving a dark blue Jeep Cherokee who drove by the construction site looking for the dogs, but took off when he found authorities were on their way.

If you have any information, call the Logan County Sheriff's Department.

And if you'd like to help out with Simpson's medical costs or are interested in adopting him once he heals, you can get more information at