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Study: Oklahoma has one of the highest prescription drug rates

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The United States is increasingly becoming addicted to drugs that doctors prescribe.

Doctors wrote 259 million prescriptions for strong, potentially addictive, painkillers in 2012.

A new report from the Centers For Disease Control finds prescription rates for opioid painkillers vary widely from state to state.

The states with the highest prescription rates are in the south, with Alabama topping the list.

Oklahoma was one of the states where doctors wrote the most prescriptions.  For every 100 Oklahomans, doctors have issued 128 narcotic painkiller prescriptions.

In spite of the recent push to have doctors use a data-base to stop patients from doctor shopping, Oklahoma lawmakers decided to do nothing.

New York experienced a 75 percent drop in doctor shopping after they passed a law requiring physicians to check with the state's prescription drug monitoring program before prescribing painkillers.