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Graphic: PETA releasing graphic billboard related to Hobby Lobby ruling

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Warning: Images in this photo gallery may be disturbing to some

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Supreme Court’s decision on contraception has prompted PETA to release an advertisement stating that slaughtered animals should also have a right to live.

PETA says they are currently negotiating with Oklahoma City outdoor advertisers to place a billboard near the Hobby Lobby headquarters.

The billboard shows the body of a young chicken and reads, “Killed at 7 Weeks.  A buffalo wing stops a beating heart.  Go vegan.”

“No matter where people stand on contraception or abortion, they can save lives and protect individual liberty three times a day by going vegan,” said Sarah King, PETA’s director of Christian outreach & engagement. “Choosing vegan meals is an empowering way of preserving the lives of all beings.”

For more information on PETA, visit www.peta.org.