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Tenants continue to struggle without working elevator

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CUSHING, Okla. - Tenants at Cimarron Towers continue to struggle to get around since the elevator broke down three weeks ago.

Jessica Farrow said she's had two strokes and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and walking up five flights of stairs the last few weeks is taking a toll on her.

Farrow said, "There are people that can't get down the stairs at all and it’s really hard even for me to get down because of health issues."

The elevators at Cimarron Towers are out of commission.

Elderly and disabled tenants have to scale the concrete stairs. But those who use wheelchairs and walkers are simply confined to their floor.


During our first report, we spoke with some of them.

After more calls from residents, we worked to find out who is responsible for fixing the elevator.

We contacted Cushing Code Enforcement, Oklahoma Department of Labor, the Cushing Fire Department, and the Property Management Company.

Ultimately, the Department of Labor oversees elevator repairs.

Officials told NewsChannel 4 the hydraulic elevator only requires inspection every two years and it failed the last safety test.

The department plans to send a crew to conduct an investigation.

Oklahoma Property Management said they are working to get the elevator repaired and sent NewsChannel 4 the following statement:

"The on-site staff, Board of Directors, and Oklahoma Property Management have been working very hard to get the elevator at Cimarron Tower repaired as quickly as possible. We obtained bids from multiple elevator companies for the repairs and executed a contract this week. A part that we need must be custom made and we are waiting for that to arrive. The company we have hired to do repairs understands that time is of the essence and has promised to do everything in their power to expedite the process for us and our residents to get the elevator repaired as quickly as possible. We are working to transfer residents to lower level units, helping them carry groceries upstairs, and helping in any way that we can." ---Jessica Scruggs, Project Manager

The company also said they cannot give a time frame on when repairs will be made.

In the meantime, residents like Ruby French walk each flight helping her neighbors.

"They can't get down the stairs and I'm here to help. But at the same time it's not the landlady's fault. It just isn't. The staff and everyone have been working together."

Farrow and French said getting mail, groceries and taking dogs out for bathroom breaks has been a community effort.