Pot bust yields 50 pounds of edible, smokable drugs

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two Florida residents are behind bars in Canadian County after police busted the pair driving fifty pounds of marijuana products through Oklahoma.

An Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics K-9 first sniffed out the weed Wednesday during a traffic stop on I-40.

Robert Shepherd, 40, and Andrew Mason, 34, were arrested.

According to OBN the pot was purchased in Colorado and California. It was likely headed back to Florida through Oklahoma.

"It's really becoming the new face of marijuana in the United States, and a brand new audience that you can see this appealing to." said OBN Agent Mark Woodward.

The stash also contained eight pounds of hydroponic marijuana, grown stronger to produce a stronger high.

"This is not the same marijuana that was out there 15 years ago, or even five years ago. This stuff is testing as high as 50 to 55 THC." Woodward said.

The street value of the marijuana confiscated by the OBN is more than $40,000.


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