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Lake Patrol out in full force for holiday weekend; looking for drinking and boating

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OKLAHOMA - If you plan to head out to the lake this weekend, know that lake patrols are out in force keeping an eye out for anyone breaking the law.

They want to remind boaters to drink responsibly. Right now, anyone caught boating with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit could be cited or arrested for boating under the influence.

Newschannel Four took a ride with arcadia’s lake patrol for a look at their operations.

Lake Arcadia is one of the most policed lakes in state.

Officer Littles and his partner Officer Dickson spent their 4th of July enforcing the rules of the Lake Arcadia waters.

“I may pull up beside you even if you’re not doing anything,” says Littles. “Just to make sure that if you have 7 people on your boat, that you have 7 lifejackets on your boat.”

When they're out on the water their siren is the last thing you want to hear.

Arcadia is small, leaving less room to avoid an accident. So they have to lay down the law even on a holiday.

And not everyone's always happy to hear that.

And then there's the "Party Cove" with a lot of drinking and boating under the hot Oklahoma sun.

Officer Littles says for the most part everyone is pretty responsible.

“You always have that one,” says Littles. “Like I said, the weekend is still young so we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Boater Brian Browning says be smart but don’t forget to have fun.

“A designated driver is always important whether you’re on the road or on the water it’s all the same,” says Browning.

If you're caught drinking and boating, you'll have to take an alcohol test or face some trouble.

That could include fines of up to $2,500.

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