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Yikes: 12-foot python found where?!

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A monster surprise turned up in a south Florida neighborhood.

Residents spotted a massive snake and it took a while to get rid of the unwanted visitor.

“When I was with my dad and when I seen it I jumped off my bike and ran I was scared I never seen that before.”

What frightened young Juan Rivero was a 12 foot python that somehow slithered its way into a Florida City residential area.

It quickly became the talk of the town.

“I seen something in the middle of the road and I thought it was a palm frond when I looked and got closer and swerved the bike out of the way and the kids were freaking out there was a 12-foot-python crossing the road,” said Rivero.

Daryl Brooks calls the community home, and has even kept a python as a pet.

But even she wasn’t ready for this monster surprise.

“My daughter said there’s a snake come to the gate, tell me what it is, I OK I said I’ll be right there and I look and it’s on the lady’s porch and it was huge and I said oh my God its a python and the head was bigger than my hand,” said Brooks.

Shocked but not scared, Brooks tried to take matters into her own hands, but the reptile was just too much for her to handle alone.

“I was scared to grab her by myself she was pretty strong so there was a guy coming out and I said hey are you scared of snakes? And he said no, I said come over here and he came over it had slid and hid under the ladies barbecue grill.”

News of the reptile eviction helping residents and pet owners break a big sign of relief.

“I wouldn’t want my pet coming out seeing that cause usually pets see it and try to run after it start barking there was a cat outside and it was going for the cat so the lady was freaking out so she bring it inside.”

The snake spotting is the talk of the town, giving residents a fourth of July holiday they will never forget.

Authorities responding to the scene say the python was not someone’s pet, it came from the wild.


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