Storms possible this weekend

Baby burned after firework goes off in playpen

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – A horrible accident on the Fourth of July has an Ohio family praying for a 4-month-old little girl.

The girl’s family was enjoying the holiday weekend when a freak accident sent them scrambling to the Akron Children’s Hospital Burn Unit.

Young relatives lit a firework and kicked it on the ground.

Officials say that firework landed in 4-month-old Aubree McCormick’s playpen and exploded.

“It hit the window on the front porch and it landed in my granddaughter’s bed and all I could do was just react. I didn’t think, I reacted. I grabbed hold of the firework and then the bed caught on fire that she was laying in,” said Carol McCormick, Aubree’s  grandmother.

Aubree’s parents rushed to the hospital, where she was air-lifted to another burn center.

We’re told her face, ear and hand all suffered burns.