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Guthrie mom sounding alarm about potential predator

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - A Guthrie mom is sounding the alarm after she says her three little children were almost abducted by a stranger offering them candy from his car.

Amanda Paulson's three children, ages 7, 5 and 3 were playing in their grandfather's yard Sunday evening.

The kids said a car pulled up right beside them.

"They said 'candy, kids,'" said Destiny Paulson, the oldest.

Destiny says she put her younger brother and sister behind her, backed away from the car, then ran inside the house to tell her mom.

"They were panicking. They were very scared," said Amanda Paulson.

Paulson ran outside, but the car had already sped off.

"I'm scared. I mean it really frightened me. Like it could've been anybody's children," said Paulson.

Paulson says she's drilled it into her kids' heads to never talk to strangers, especially ones who offer candy.

Destiny was all too aware of what could have happened to her or her brother and sister.

"I didn't want them getting hurt. And I didn't want me getting hurt or us not getting to see our mom and dad again," said Destiny.

Paulson called Guthrie police who came out and searched the area but couldn't find a car matching Destiny's description.

"That's my babies. Anybody messes with them, they're going to deal with momma. And they don't want to do that," said Paulson.

Paulson wants other parents to be aware of what happened.

For now, she's just grateful her kids were smart enough not to fall for it.

"Good thing it happened the way it did and I still have my blessings," said Paulson.

Destiny said the car was silver and looked kind of like a Camaro.

She said the driver was a young guy, tan, with spiky hair.

Destiny also said the passenger was older, maybe in his 40's, with light skin.