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J.K. Rowling pens new Harry Potter story, fans crash website

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As the Diagon Alley exhibit is scheduled to open at Universal Studios in Orlando on Tuesday, Harry Potter fans got another surprise.

J.K. Rowling announced that she wrote a short story that fills in some of the blanks left behind by the final book.

The short story was published to her website Pottermore.

Unfortunately, very few fans were actually able to read it.

The site crashed from the uptick in traffic.

Business Insider was able to get a glimpse at the story and gave fans a rundown of the highlights, especially involving Harry Potter, his friends and family.

The 1,500 word story is written as an article from the Daily Prophet when Potter is about to turn 34-years-old.

It centers around the Quidditch World Cup, which he is attending with Ron and Hermione.

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