Dad uses GoPro to film wife giving birth outside hospital

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Warning: Video contains some graphic images and language that may be considered offensive to some.

ROSENBERG, Texas – One Texas couple has an incredible story to tell after their son was born outside a hospital’s valet entrance.

The baby’s father, Troy Dickerson, shot GoPro video of the frantic trip to the hospital after his wife went into labor.

According to KPRC, Kristin Dickerson was nearly two weeks overdue when her water broke.

Troy says he turned on his camera hoping to record to some of the excitement on their way to the hospital, just like he did for the birth of their two other sons.

In the YouTube video, you can hear Kristin ask her husband to pull over because she didn’t think she would make it.

Seconds after Troy pulled into the hospital’s valet entrance, Kristin said she could feel her son’s head.

Before she could even sit down in the wheelchair, Kristin gave birth outside the car.

The baby boy, Truett, was born at 2:05 a.m. on June 28.

Kristin, who is a childbirth educator at the hospital, jokingly said she wouldn’t be sharing her experience with future students.

“I tell my students, ‘This will never happen to you, I promise!’ But I do teach them about emergency birth so they’ll be prepared for it, to take some of the fear out of it,” said Kristin.

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