Man stabbed several times while fighting off home intruder

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man was stabbed multiple times trying to protect his family.

Frankie Robinson fought off an intruder while his baby girls slept in the next room.

"He cut me, he stabbed me. I was just fighting for my life because I didn't want him to get to my kids. That's all I cared about," said Robinson. "That was the only thing I was afraid of, I didn't care if I made it or not as long as he didn't get down that hallway."

The fight ended when Frankie was thrown on his back, breaking a glass end table.

Frankie needed more than 50 stitches after being stabbed on his arm, chest, and forehead.

He’s amazed at how violent and vicious the bandit was.

"A normal guy that's just trying to steal things, if he hears anybody coming, he's going to leave and he didn't do that. He tried his best to put me down," said Frankie.

As his wife helps change his bandages every few hours, he can only think about the safety of his family and neighbors.

He said the attacker was at least 6'5" and weighs at least 250 pounds.

"There's an elderly couple that lives up the street here, if he attacks them there's not much they can do. I've had military training and I was in Special Forces, that's why I survived. But if it was somebody smaller or a kid at home by themselves, there's no telling what he's going to do."

The crook did leave behind DNA evidence on the curtains on his way out the back door.

Detectives cut out portions to cross reference their data base.

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