Caught on Camera: Suspect breaks in and ransacks local business

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A local business is ransacked and the whole crime was caught on camera.

The burglar left behind a real mess while getting away with office equipment.

The break-in took place Sunday morning in broad daylight.

The thief in this case did way more damage compared to the cost of what he stole, but the victims of the small business near I-35 and Grand hope the video is good enough to get the crook of the streets.

Running inside the empty office, the crook began to make a mess violently grabbing a computer and monitor off the desk.

"It was just a smash and grab job," said the business owner Ronald Roberts.

The suspect even yanked the wires clean out of the wall.

"He just ransacked it in here," said Roberts.

With an alarm going off, the thief didn't waste any time wrecking Ronald's business.

"He was trying to get out fast as he could go," said Roberts.

"At first you couldn't tell it was a robbery. It looked more like vandalism," said co-owner Doug Jones.

During the theft, the suspect repeatedly picks up and drops his stolen loot.

"I think he's an idiot, a fool," said Roberts.

After checking to see if the back offices were open or locked, the suspect ran back to the front and once again began tossing items out of the desk drawers.

Police say the suspect does not appear to have any ties to the business.

"Everything was thrown. It looked like a bomb or tornado came through, it was torn up," said Jones.

Eventually the suspect ran outside and loaded the office equipment into his white SUV with a missing front grill.

The business owners hope the pictures prove to be the greedy suspects undoing.

"He's not a smart crook. He's not smart one and it's gonna cost him dearly," said Roberts.

The good news, no one was at the business at the time, so no one got hurt.

Anyone with information on the suspect is asked to contact Crimestoppers at (405)235-7300.

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