Detectives stumble upon rare extinct animals

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CALVIN, Okla. - Investigators stumbled upon a rare collection of exotic wildlife in Calvin, Oklahoma.

Some have been extinct for years and investigators can't even put a price on some of the taxidermy.

"This is the Caracara which is a Mexican eagle. This is called an Addax, this thing is near extinction," said Jerry Flowers, Chief Agent in Charge at the Dept. of Agriculture.

These are just some of the rare or extinct wild animals confiscated from the Triple S Ranch in Calvin.

"This particular animal is extinct, there's not one in the wild on this planet according to US Fish and Wildlife," he said of an Oryx indigenous of Africa.

There where cougars, bobcats, waterfowl, hide from a host of animals and the list goes on.

Investigators discovered the hunted animals while originally searching for stolen atvs and tractors worth more than $100,000.

"The vin numbers had been altered or removed and ultimately they were stolen. One of them in particular out of Arkansas."

But federal agents couldn't keep their eyes off the hundreds of exotic game hanging around the suspect's home.

“He cannot be in possession of these animals in Oklahoma and some of them are extinct and he can't have them period," said Flowers.

In addition to the stolen equipment and illegally hunted wildlife, detectives also found tranquilizers that can only be administered by a veterinarian.

Officials say they're so strong if you open the vials without gloves on, it can cause permanent damage when absorbed into human skin.

The suspect's name will not be released until he is formally charged by the Hughes County District attorney.

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