Firefighter develops easy-to-use device to help students stop a school shooter

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LICKING COUNTY, Ohio (WTTE) – A firefighter in Ohio says he has invented a device that could save lives in the event of a school shooting.

Troy Lowe teaches shooter response training programs in schools across the state.

Over the years, he says he noticed people having the same reactions to the situation.

“You’ll see fine motor skills go away when you increase the pressure a little bit,” Lowe told WTTE.

That’s why he invented “The Barracuda Intruder Defense System.”

He says it’s a product that is easy to use, can be deployed quickly and can secure children inside a room without having to open the door.

“When they were tested in the factory, the door failed before the devices did,” Lowe said. “There’s potential to save a lot of lives.”

The brace can be applied to either an inward facing or outward facing door.

Bilco is selling the devices for around $100 a piece.

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