Garth Brooks makes announcement about future of his career

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YUKON, Okla. – A well-known country singer from Yukon made an announcement about the future of his career.

“Today, I feel very lucky to be joining Sony Music,” Garth Brooks said on Thursday during a press conference.

In addition to joining Sony, he says he will be going digital in the next two to three weeks.

His songs will be available for digital downloads from his website.

He also announced that new music is coming and a different producer will be behind that record.

During the press conference, he was asked when the new music would be released.

Brooks said he was told to be vague for his answer.

“I can tell you it will be out by the end of this month. Is that vague enough? No? Okay, within the next two months,” Brooks said.

However, he says the music will likely hit store shelves by Black Friday.

Brooks says it will be a big change for him but he is excited about the venture.

“Scared? Yeah. Old? Yes,” he said.

A big part of the press conference was dedicated to addressing the situation in Ireland.

Earlier this month, Aiken Promotions canceled Brooks’ concerts that were scheduled in Dublin because the city council would only approve three concerts and not the five that he wanted.

The promoter said 400,000 tickets had been sold.

In a statement, he said, “To choose which shows to do and which shows not to do, would be like asking to choose one child over another.”

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