Oklahoma City tops national list of best places to start a small business

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OKLAHOMA CITY - CNN Money recently ranked Oklahoma City as the number one place to launch a start-up business - Even beating out Miami and Silicon Valley.

Kay Fischer, from Oklahoma, is all about the business boom.

She says up until about fifteen years ago you couldn't find half of the small start-ups you see today.

"I've seen explosive growth since I've been back to Oklahoma City. It's amazing," said Fischer.

Roy Williams, with the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, explains why:

"It's relatively easy to start up a business here. The revelatory environment, the access to capitol and the technical assistance. Small business development assistance -those type of infrastructure capacity and resource are here."

Austin Crossland is co-owner of Revolve, a startup pizza kitchen in Oklahoma City.

He says Oklahoma's business assistance programs have benefitted revolve but a big part of their success is due to the people of the city.

"They've been very helpful to us. Just random people coming in and being loyal to us." said Crossland.

Open just a few weeks, but already turning heads.  Revolves oven doesn't look like it will be turning off anytime soon.


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