Thrill ride? This roller coaster would not be legal in the U.S.; when you see why, you’ll freak!

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TAIWAN – Love riding roller coasters? This one may throw you for a loop.

Meet the Gravity Max.

The Gravity Max is known as a “Tilt Coaster” or “Cliffhanger.”

This coaster is unlike any roller coasters in the U.S.

And judging by what it does, it’ll most likely stay that way.

The Gravity Max has two trains, six cars per train.

Riders are arranged two across in two rows for a total of 24 riders per train.

What makes this roller coaster so unique, or freaky,  is that the train is pulled up a lift hill to a horizontal platform and then disassembles itself as you travel towards the drop point!

See for yourself!



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