Update: ‘Suspicious van’ scared some Metro, Edmond residents

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UPDATE: Oklahoma Sheriff's deputies report the found the 'suspicious' van and talked with the driver. Deputies confirm the driver was working for a door-to-door meat company.

The sheriff's department says the driver also told them he was leaving Oklahoma and headed to Colorado. The deputy did not find any arrest warrants for the driver and allowed him to go. Deputies say it is always a good idea to report anything suspicious to law enforcement authorities.


EDMOND, Okla. - Several Edmond, Metro neighborhoods are on high alert after several reports of a "suspicious van" in the area.

Reports of two "salesmen" in a white van is sparking controversy among neighbors.

Residents are saying they see them as pushy salesmen but NewsChannel 4's Andrew Donley spoke with one woman who says they were so over the top, that during her encounter with them, she feared for her life.

The victim, who would like to remain anonymous, said "I was shaking."

The sound of screeching tires on pavement shattered the silence in Valencia, an Edmond neighborhood on Thursday.

One Edmond resident says she was sitting on her porch when she heard a van, speeding down her street.

What happened next, startled her.

"They came down the street, came around the curve. Then a guy, who looked to be in his late 20s,  jumped out the passenger side of the van while it was still moving. He said "Excuse me, excuse me ma'am," while he was aggressively coming up my yard ...," said the victim.

She said her intuition told her to get inside and lock the door.

"Kind of the fight or flight mode," the victim said.

She's heard of men in a similar van approaching people in neighborhoods, claiming to sell meat and insurance.

Now that she has calmed down, she says she wants parents to be aware.




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