Woman makes digital plead to robbers for only one thing, see what it is

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Cleveland, OH (WJW) – A Northeast Ohio woman turned to Craigslist to recover her external hard drive that was stolen over the holiday weekend.

Vicki, who lives near W. 117th and Detroit, doesn’t want to be identified by her last name because her house was robbed on Friday night.

Thieves entered the home through a window and took a flat screen television, iPhone, iPad, jewelry and the hard drive that was sitting on her desk.

Over the weekend, she posted an ad on Craigslist hoping to encourage the thieves to return the hard drive.

“Nothing hurts, nothing hurts to ask somebody, post it on Facebook, post it on social media because at the end of the day, somebody knows somebody who knows where my stuff is,” said Vicki.

She’s not overly concerned about the other stolen items but the hard drive has memories and information that can’t be easily replaced.

“It had all my college pictures, my resume, every paper I’ve ever written, music I’ve had since I was – you know – 10 years old and everything, everything was stored on there,” she said.

Vicki did file a police report but she also posted the ad on Craigslist for the thieves, it reads:

“To the people who robbed me on the 4th of July, I hope you’re loving my laptop, iPod and iPad. However, I request that you return my external hard drive. I will even buy it back from you! This is very sentimental to me and contains much of my pictures and documents from college. If you read this message, robbed someone on the 4th of July close to w 117th and Detroit, and would like to return this external hard drive to me (because deep down I believe all people have good in them), please respond to this posting.”

Even though Vicki is the victim, she’s even willing to buy it back.

“I’ll pay for it, I’ll pay for it,” she said, “drop it off, we’ll work something out, but I want it back!”

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