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Deputies: Mail carrier arrested for DUI after driving her mail truck into a ditch

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HARRAH, Okla. –  An unexpected delivery for one Oklahoma  postal worker.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies say she drove her mail car into a ditch and was arrested for DUI.

It happened Saturday in the 1300 block of David Drive in Harrah, Oklahoma.  

 When deputies arrived they found a mail truck that had been driven into a ditch, and was stuck.

Deputies spoke with the driver,  Lee Ann Turner, 47, and she said that she was not injured.

According to deputies, they noticed Turner seemed dazed, had slurred speech, and staggered when walking.

A field test was administered after Lee admitted to taking several prescription pain pills in just a few hours time.

Turner was booked into the Oklahoma County jail for driving under the influence.

She has since posted bail and has been released.