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Four-time deportee accused of sexually assaulting 9-year-old girl

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PARKER COUNTY, Texas – A four-time deportee is accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in her home.

The Parker County Sheriff says 35-year-old Israel Andrade broke into the home early Saturday morning and sexually assaulted the girl while she was asleep.

The victim awoke to the stranger groping her inside her house.

She¬†was able to run toward her parents’ room and scream for help.

According to KXAS, investigators were able to track down Andrade at a relative’s house about a mile away, where he’s been staying for about 30 days after returning from Mexico.

Investigators found a cell phone that belonged to the victim and some of the 9-year-old girl’s clothes at the home where Andrade was staying.

Investigators also found out that Andrade had been deported from the United States four times since 2003.

The Parker County sheriff says the suspect could face five to 99 years in prison if convicted. Then he will most likely be deported back to Mexico.