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Metro woman arrested following string of pharmacy robberies

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OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City woman was arrested following a string of pharmacy robberies.

Police arrested 51-year-old Mary Plante on Sunday for allegedly robbing a Wal-Mart along I-240.

Police say Plante came into the store armed with a knife.

She demanded several prescription pills.

When the pharmacist refused the suspect allegedly jumped over the counter and grabbed the pills.

Investigators say when a customer approached her and tried to take the pills from her, Plante said to leave her alone or she would pull a gun on him.

Witnesses say a struggle caused a knife in the shape of a gun to fall from the hoodie pocket.

Police say the knife was in a holster and looked like a gun.

Employees and customers detained her until police got there.

Police say she is connected to at least two other recent pharmacy robberies in the metro.

She remains behind bars at the Oklahoma County Jail.