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Study: Oklahoma ranks 5th most energy expensive state

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma has been trending at the top of the list for studies lately like the best state for a new business to succeed, but when it comes to energy, our state ranks the 5th most expensive state.

That’s according to a recent study by WalletHub and there are a lot of factors involved in the rankings.

When it comes to the price of electricity, natural gas and fuel, Oklahoma ranks at the top of this list for affordability.

However, taking a look at energy consumption, our state is at the back of the pack.

We ran into a woman at a metro gas station. She has to fill up her tank twice a week.

"I live in a rural area and work in the heart of the city and it's a commute," said Smith.

WalletHub's study ranks Oklahoma 9th in the price of fuel, but we are the worst state for fuel consumption.

Some believe it's because our lack of a public transportation.

"I think if we had a transit system, it would be a lot better," said Smith.

Now let's look at the price of electricity. Oklahoma is 8th cost wise, but 46th for the amount of use per consumer.

"Because we have extremely high temperatures in the summer, our consumption of electricity is higher," said O'Shea.

OG&E officials say they push energy efficiency programs to help reduce electricity costs for residents.

"Raising your thermostat a couple degrees can have an impact on your lowering your bill," said O'Shea.

"I think it's working, keeping the temperatures down, there's no one home, we get home in the evening and we'd like it to be cooler, but it's not uncomfortable," said Smith.

The study also puts our state 2nd in the price of natural gas and 14th in consumption.

Add all those factors together and Oklahoma is the 5th most energy expensive state.