Amazing: Girl recalls being swept into drainpipe by floodwaters

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FRACKVILLE, Pa. — A 12-year-old girl in Pennsylvania is recovering after being swept nearly half a mile underground in a flooded drainpipe.

WNEP reports it happened Monday afternoon when firefighters were called to Mahanoy Creek in Frackville, Pa.

Taylor Russell was swept nearly half a mile underground in that drainpipe in Frackville.

She said she was swooped under the water and held her breath the whole time.

Taylor said she was scared and was certain she was going to die.

“I didn’t know there was a drop in the ground there and I went under and was trying to get up and my friends tried helping me and they couldn’t,” Taylor recalled.

She lost her mom to cancer last year, but says she heard her mom’s voice as she was being pushed through the water in the dark.

When she came out of the pipe, she was swept hundreds of yards downstream.

She has some bumps and bruises, but will be ok.

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