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Caught on camera: Dad encourages daughter in brutal teen beating; ‘scratch her eyes out’

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HAMILTON, Ohio – A fight between teenage girls has led to a firestorm on social media.

Police say cell phone video was posted to Facebook, showing a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old fighting in the middle of a grassy lot in Ohio.

Parents were present but did not stop the fight; in fact, one of the girls’ parents was cheering her on.

According to WHIO, the man told the girl to “get up and stomp her,” and to “keep getting her.”

“The most disturbing thing was the adults. You would think they would not encourage that kind of activity,” said Det. Richard Burkhardt, with the Hamilton Police Department. “Usually, adults will want to  break it up. Somebody could get really hurt. They’re fighting, beating each other into the ground; most would find that disturbing, distasteful.”

When asked if they wanted to press charges, the victim’s parents said no.

According to WHIO, the parents told detectives they “would’ve been cheering on our daughter,” adding that the fight is “just part of growing up.”