Is your teen driving a safe vehicle? Study reveals safest used cars for teen drivers

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New research from a Highway safety group shows the people who need to be driving the safest cars are, in fact, driving the most dangerous ones.

The small, cheaper used car has long been the go-to vehicle for new teenage drivers – mainly because it’s usually all the parent can afford.

But now, the insurance institute for highway safety says many of those cars are just not safe.

“They’re driving vehicles that don’t provide good crash protection and many drive vehicles that don’t have many safety technologies,” said Anne McCartt with Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

“It’s a life-saving technology. ESC reduces the risk of a fatal single vehicle crash by half,” said Anne McCartt with Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Highway crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S.

The study finds that:

-28% of parents buy mini-cars or small cars that often don’t offer good crash protection.

-More than half of vehicles bought for teens were 2006 or older, lacking the latest safety technology.

-And two-thirds of family hand-me-downs were 2006 or older.

So, the institute’s come up with a specific list of safer cars for teens.

“We believe that parents can select a vehicle off this list and have a lot more security knowing that their teen is less likely to be in a crash and when they’re in a crash they’re going to get really good protection,” said Anne McCartt with Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

They also say to check to make sure any used car you’re buying hasn’t been involved in an accident or recall.