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Local police scandal caught on tape

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PAWHUSKA, Okla. - All over the state people are weighing in and most are outraged at what appears to be special treatment of a high-ranking city official.

The Pawhuska City Attorney allegedly got drunk and crashed his car in someone else's yard. But as the police vest camera shows, he was not immediately arrested like most DUI suspects.

The police vest camera shows one officer asking the city manager how he should handle the situation.

Officer : "What do you say, Paul?"

City Manager: "Take him to the P.D., keep him down there until either Cathy shows up or he sobers up." (Cathy is the attorney's wife.)

Officer: "Do you want me to put him in a cell?"

City Manager: "Where's he at?"

Officer: "He can't walk."

Officer: "He's in the passenger seat of my car. We had to spill him over in there, but he is hammered, I mean beyond hammered."

Officer: "Do I write him a ticket? What do I do?"

City Manager:  "Not right now. We'll take care of it Monday."

City Manager: "Right now we're going to put him in a cell, keep him until he sobers up or until she shows up and gets him. However long it takes."

City Manager: "Yeah, that way we're covered.  So now y'all are..."

The officer still seems hesitant as if something else should be done.

Officer: "Well, all the neighbors found him. They're standing around talking, 'There's this drunk guy over here that wrecked his car and we pull up and, he's not had a few, he's hammered'."

Officer: "It took two... , it took two of us to get him in the car."

City Manager: "Bob...will help take care of it Monday.  Right now we put him, right now he's in custody."

When the officer gets back in the patrol car, he told the suspect, the city attorney, what he had been told to do.

The police chief, city manager and the acting city attorney didn't want to give an official statement on the incident.

In the police report, it states later on the city manager told the officers the city attorney should be cited for DUI.

At that point it was too late to give him a breathalyzer test.

According to the report, this case is closed.

OSBI tells us they received a request from the District Attorney's Office to investigate but they are waiting for more clarification.