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Update: OKC Police need your help solving a double murder

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Updated 8:43 a.m. 7/17/14:  Oklahoma City Police have identified the two victims in Wednesday’s double shooting outside an apartment complex.

Officers say Brandon Cross, 41, of Jenks, Okla. and Kenneth Kaiser,24, of Claremore, Okla. were gunned down on Lyrewood Lane while sitting in a pick-up truck.

The case remains unsolved and anyone with information should contact the Homicide Tip Line at 405-297-1200.

OKLAHOMA CITY - An early morning shooting on Lyrewood Ln. leaves two people dead.

The victims were shot and killed while sitting in a pick-up.

So far, police have not made any arrests in the case and the motive remains a mystery.

Neighbors say since there's so much crime in the area, those who live along Lyrewood took the shooting in stride.

"We hear a lot of noises around here, firecrackers or gunshots, so when you hear it, you duck your head," said Terry Hansen.

Sadly, the soggy crime scene where two men lost their lives is nothing new to those who live on Lyrewood, like Terry.

"I think it's getting worse," said Hansen.

Police say the pair of victims were both shot dead while sitting in a pickup truck in the parking lot, although it's not clear who pulled the trigger.

"Right now, we do not have any suspect info to put out. We do know they were shot inside a vehicle at the apartment complex," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

"I keep close tabs on my kids but this happens and there's not much you can do," said Linda Igo. "As long as they stay away from me."

Police won't say if any witnesses or the victims themselves were able to explain the cause of the shooting before they died.

"I simply do not have any information on how much was said before they passed away," said Knight.

It's not known what sparked the deadly incident.