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Roadblock: County says legal speedbump stopping crews from cleaning up mobile mess

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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. - Residents in one Cleveland County neighborhood are still dealing with a big mess.

An abandoned mobile home continues to block a portion of the road, but residents are hopeful something will change soon.

On Monday, NewsChannel 4 showed you the abandoned mobile home that residents say was left in the middle of a rural neighborhood three months ago.

It was found just southeast of S.E. 149th St. and Harrah - Newalla Rd.

The abandoned property has residents worried about an increase in crime or traffic accidents.

It even caused one woman's home health care worker to stop coming, calling it a safety risk.

Residents said they had reported the abandoned property to the county weeks ago but received no response.

When we asked about that report, the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office said they had no record of a report.

So, residents made a new report on Wednesday and deputies quickly responded.

Our crew went back to the scene and found sheriff's deputies and county officials examining the situation.

"I did what you said and everyone's been here this morning. This is the most action we've seen on this trailer since it's been dropped," said Charles Dague, a nearby resident.

After three months, residents are now hopeful the eye sore will soon disappear.

Dague said, "The wheels are turning. I'll put it that way."

NewsChannel 4 has been in contact with companies willing to help residents get rid of the roadblock.

However,  the mobile home is sitting on a private road and the county says they can't be held responsible.

The companies who are willing to help say they need to make sure they can legally remove the property before they move forward.

"The only option really is to locate the owner and to find out what the plan is," said Cleveland County Emergency Manager George Mauldin

Mauldin was out Wednesday talking with Charles Dague and reviewing the situation.

He says while the mobile home is obviously a nuisance, the county cannot step in and condemn the property.

Mauldin said, "No such process exists in the county, there's no mechanism at all to condemn a property for any reason."

Unfortunately, the condition of the mobile home is only getting worse.

Wires, which were hanging out of the walls on Monday, are now gone, stripped by someone.

However, the county commissioner and emergency managers say they are working to figure out what can be done to make this problem disappear.

Mauldin said, "We are exploring some legal options."

Officials thought they had tracked down the owner Wednesday, but it turns out the tag on the trailer had been switched.

So, officials are still searching for the owner.

There is a possibility a court order could be issued allowing the mobile home to be demolished, but that may take a few more days.