‘Dynamite comes in many packages,’ Oklahoma woman turns tables on would-be carjacker

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A Shawnee man got much more than he expected when he attempted to carjack a woman in a grocery store parking lot.

Toni Jones fought for her life while telling 34-year-old Daniel Dodson he wasn’t going to get her car under any circumstance.

“He saw an easy target, he was dead wrong,” says Jones. “Dynamite comes in many packages.”

Jones never thought she would ever have to actually use her handcuffs.

They hang on her rear view mirror in memory of her late father. He was an Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputy who taught her everything she knows.

On Monday she was loading groceries into her car at a Shawnee Homeland when she saw Dodson walking up. She even smiled at him.

“He comes up and grabs me by my shirt and tries to pull me away,” says Jones. “When he does I say 'oh hell no, you ain't taking my car!'”

It didn't occur to Jones that Dodson may have been armed. With the help of her sister she just fought back as hard as she could.

Another man in the parking lot jumped in and put Dodson in a headlock.

Once it was three against one, she grabbed her handcuffs.

“I said 'you are under citizen’s arrest,'” says Jones. “I slam my car door, I hand cuff him and I tell him 'you are going to stay there until PD gets here.'”

When police arrived, they asked Dodson if he had learned anything from his scuffle with Jones.

“The officer told me that he said, 'I messed with the wrong woman,'” says Jones.

But she had help. As for the anonymous man who came to their rescue, he was gone before she even had a chance to say thank you.

'It was like God sent me and my sister an angel to protect us,” says Jones.

Jones says what her father taught her doesn't set her apart. She says everyone has the right to fight back and should.

“I’m not a tough woman. I’m an everyday woman,” says Jones. “Stand your ground and fight.”

Dodson is behind bars on a robbery complaint while he waits for formal charges to be filed.