Touching story: Nine-year-old turns tragedy into triumph with inspiring book

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COLORADO – A young girl who lost everything in a Colorado wildfire is telling her story, literally.

She wrote a book about her experiences to try to help other children in similar circumstances cope with the stress and loss.

“When I asked Anna what was wrong she said ‘Lily our house is gone,” said Lily.

“It burned down.”

Lily and her family, just like dozens of others were forced to start over after the Waldo Canyon fire.

But losing everything is especially hard on a seven-year-old little girl.

“Once everyone was gone we tried to get familiar with our new house but as you probably guessed it wasn’t easy,” Lily said in her book.

“We were use to our old house. I got mad at the Waldo Canyon fire,” Lily said in her book.

Lily is now nine.

“My family tried to comfort me by saying the fire probably wouldn’t reach our house.. but I was still worried,” Lily said in her book.

Her dad Jim says reading her book for the first time wasn’t easy.

“You keep thinking she’s seven years old and yet she’s able to paint these word pictures and evoke these emotions that are very hard for her dad to read and to feel,” said Jim.

Writing about her loss was her way of dealing with it all.

The plan now is to get her book published.

“Our desire all along has been that we would simply give copies to children who are affected by fires,” said Jim.

Lily hopes other kids who go through the same thing will realize that something good can come out of something so bad.

Jim Rottenborn says if the book is published, the family isn’t planning on making any profits from it.

They plan on giving it away.

He says it’s their way of giving back to their community after their devastating loss.