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Watch: Solider surprises stepdad with sentimental gift for being the dad he didn’t have to be

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Warning: Adult language is used in the video.

The relationship between a father and daughter is something very special.

Kristin Russell says her stepfather was always there for her growing up.

“My first memories of him are playing barbies with me and reading to me. He coached every softball team I was on and came to every Karate tournament. He never had to do any of that,” she said in the description of her YouTube video.

Russell says her stepfather gave up his Porsche 914, which he was restoring, to spend the money on his wedding to her mother.

She says she was touched by his gesture, putting her family before his hobby.

She never forgot it and decided to use the money from her deployment to purchase a similar car.

Russell surprised her stepdad with the gift while visiting Pennsylvania.