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Woman helps tornado survivors through art program

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MOORE, Okla. - Out of the rubble and despair of last year’s Moore tornado came stories of heroes.

Emergency workers and residents who put aside their own suffering to rescue others.

Those rescuers come in many forms. Some were not there that terrible day but are still helping to pull victims from memories that can still haunt them.

Elizabeth Shultz volunteered to help the kids of Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary schools who were in the eye of the storm.

Elizabeth volunteered with a program called Art Feeds, a trauma curriculum program out of Missouri.

Art Feeds helps youngsters express their fears and feelings through art work. It's a therapeutic healing experience for kids dealing with tragedy.

After the Art Feeds program one youngster wrote, “A lot of students and staff at Briarwood went through the tornado, we were all scared and had a lot of emotions.  You guys helped us get through tough times.”

It's because of these kinds of testimonials from the kids that Elizabeth is now working to get a full-time Art Feeds chapter for this area.

Because of Elizabeth's passion and drive, her friend Evelyn Goode nominated her.

"Liz is such a hard worker,” said Evelyn,  “and such a dedicated worker and she does this on her own time for Art Feeds and she's so tenacious about what she does and I wanted to do something special for her."

Aime Trautman with Spirit Mortgage supplied the 400 dollars and we were off to pay it forward to Liz.

Evelyn had set up a lunch meeting with Liz at La Luna restaurant downtown and Liz was stunned to find out pay it forward was on the menu.

After we surprised her, the patrons and staff at La Luna gave her a round of applause.

Liz said, “Thank you so much! This will go a long way to keeping Art Feeds in Moore and helping students at Briarwood and Plaza Towers.”

Elizabeth and her friend Katherine Baker are working together to make Art Feeds in Moore happen.

They are now a step closer to making it a reality.