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New information prompts experts to warn Oklahoma parents

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OKLAHOMA -  Thursday 18-year old Brianna Carpenter was taken into custody.

Carpenter is accused of being connected to human sex trafficking.

Experts say sex trafficking is a growing problem in Oklahoma.

Brian Bates, creator of John T.V., says he's busted prostitutes for a number of years.

Recently, he's noticed a disturbing shift in the business.

"In the last three to four years, dozens of girls from the age of eleven to eighteen involved in prostitution," Bates said.

And that's just a small mark, compared to the number of women who have been recruited into the business over the years.

Lori Basey with No Boundaries International says it's very easy to get sucked into that lifestyle.

"Just one mistake, one poor decision, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, knowing the wrong person could lead into a pathway of destruction," Basey said.

Helping these girls get off that path is what no boundaries international does.

"We're just working with whatever the problem is or the situation is at hand, working with the ones that want out," Basey said.

But Bates says as social media grows.

Groups like No Boundaries are at a disadvantage.

And that's where parents come in.

"They're literally carrying their pimp in the back pocket. Parents need to be paying a whole lot more to what their kids are doing online," Basey adds.

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