Officials: No discussions to bring undocumented children to Okla.’s Camp Gruber

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MUSKOGEE, Okla. – The Oklahoma National Guard is downplaying talk that one of their facilities will be used to house undocumented children from Central America.

Officials with the Guard released a statement hoping to dispel rumors that hundreds of unaccompanied children would soon be heading to Camp Gruber.

According to The Muskogee Phoenix, officials say there have been no discussions between the Oklahoma National Guard and any federal agencies at the training camp.

“We’ve received calls from various media outlets and interested citizens over the past 10 days or so concerning Camp Gruber being used to house undocumented children,” said Col. Max Moss, director of media and civilian relations. “In an effort to dispel those rumors, the Oklahoma National Guard is announcing today there have been no discussions to date with any federal agencies to bring undocumented children to Camp Gruber.”

There are 1,200 minors that are being housed at troop barracks at Fort Sill.

We are told they stay about 15 days before being placed with a sponsor.

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