Unique performance facility offering one of a kind treatment to Oklahoma athletes

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EDMOND, Okla. - If you blow out your knee or tangle up your shoulder, there's a new place in town you may want to check out.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or make your living from sports - injuries can sideline you for months or for a lifetime.

But now there's a new place in Edmond that is approaching recovery in an entirely new light.

On top of that, it's one of the only couple in the nation.

Professional motocross is a fast, furious and dangerous sport.

Trey Canard knows that all too well.

He's now on the mend after a violent motocross accident.

"I had to double what we call a triple and the rider behind me did all three jumps and landed right on top of me," said Canard.

He broke his back in three places. But look at him now.

He credits the new Mercy Sports Performance Facility in Edmond for keeping him in the motocross game.

"The friendly faces that is excited just as you are to get you back to your full potential, " said Canard.

"And they have the resources here to help any athlete get back to your full potential," Canard added.

The facility on I-35 was supposed to open a year ago, but was damaged in the tornado that happened on May 19.

But at the end of May 2014, it's up and running.

Dr. Andrea Fraley is thrilled to be the Medical Director.

"One of the biggest problems for athletes whether it's the weekend warrior or whether it's the professional athletes we work with is injuries so we really look at how we can maximize their performance but do it in a way that's safe and avoids injury," says Fraley.

With state of the art facilities, it's also all about one stop shopping with doctors, pain management rehab and so more more.





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