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Watch: Police officer’s camera captures 2-year-old boy’s dramatic rescue from near-drowning

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OHIO – A life-saving rescue by an officer, caught on video.

The policeman’s department-issued body camera was rolling when he responded to a call for help after a two-year-old fell into a swimming pool.

You wouldn’t know it by the way he runs around, but two-year-old Drances is a survivor.

The little boy from Cleveland plays like any kid his age, but he’s also curious, and on June 17th, he wound up getting too close to the back yard swimming pool and fell in.

Drances was found lifeless by relatives.

This is video never seen before from the perspective of a Cleveland Police Officer’s body camera.

It shows the officer and the child’s aunt working together to save Drances.

Cynthia Conner says it all happened so fast.

Her nephew managed to get close to the pool without his floaties while she was in the front yard talking to a police officer when someone damaged her fence.

A few minutes later, someone found Drances in the water.

It looked like it was too late.

The police already on scene asked for backup, which is when the second-district patrolman, a father of a two-year-old himself, heard the call.

Watch the video and see this amazing rescue.

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