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Officials continue to investigate decade old car accident

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OKLAHOMA - In 2003 two sisters were heading toward Purcell on I-35 from a Billy Graham youth rally in the city.

The girls crossed into oncoming traffic, hit a van, then were hit again by another car.

19-year-old Alecia died.  Her sister, 15-year-old Laura survived.

Laura had collapsed lungs, multiple fractured bones, and severe head trauma.

Trauma Doctor Roxy Albrecht said, "The thing she had going for her was her age."

Against overwhelming obstacles, she started fighting.

"I pushed myself everyday to always do more," said Laura.

Some days were harder than others.

"When I was in rehab, I would just sit there and cry because I would see people walking and they treated it like it was no big deal," said Laura. "It's a privilege to be able to do those things."

Laura is now a nurse, a wife, and a mom.

Laura says she will never forget her sister.

"Alecia was a beautiful, fun personality.  She can make anybody laugh," said Laura. "I wish she could meet my daughter Ella.  I wonder what she would look like now or I wonder what we would be doing."

During the wreck investigation, officials wondered why the girls' car drifted into oncoming traffic in the first place.

A witness said a semi had clipped the back tires of the girls car.

Days later, a trucker was overheard in Tennessee talking about how he had taught a red car a lesson.

Unfortunately the lead did not pan out.

The truck company has GPS system in all of its semis and it showed it had not been in Oklahoma.

Investigators say this is still an ongoing case.

If anyone has information, please call the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The mother Dawn Layne has written a book about her family's experience and how they have gotten through.

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