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Update: Oklahoma baby from Amber Alert found safe but investigation far from over

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Photo courtesy of Sid Findley

UPDATE:  There is confusion over who actually has legal custody of 5-month-old Olivia, who was at the center of an Oklahoma Amber Alert.

Initially, the child’s biological grandmother in Kingfisher County, Kelly Winningham, told authorities two women came into her home on Thursday and took the girl without her consent.

While one woman was distracting her, the other sneaked out of the house with the child.

Kingfisher County investigators call it a “well thought out” abduction.

A short while later, an Amber Alert was issued.

14 hours later, 5-month-old Olivia was found alive and well in Seminole, Texas with Cindy Findley and Jennifer Skousen.

Kingfisher County Undersheriff Byron Blankenship said “You know, our main concern is that the child was found alive and well, that’s been done, so that’s a win for everyone. “

He says Findley and Skousen are the two women behind the alleged child abduction.

“You never know anybody well enough to assume that once they enter your home uninvited and take your child that everything is going to be okay,” said Blankenship.

However, Findley and Skousen’s families say this is all a misunderstanding.

They say Olivia’s mother, who is currently in jail, gave her former stepmother, Rita Smith, written permission to have custody of the child.

Smith then gave permission to Findley and Skousen to bring Olivia to Texas.

Authorities say Winningham  made the right call in alerting the Kingfisher County sheriff because the paperwork the women provided may not hold up here in Oklahoma.

The undersheriff claims the women knew that.

“It’s very unusual. Basically, what it appears is to be a civil issue that could have been handled appropriately through the court system and gotten results to protect the child. I think a couple of people took it upon themselves to circumvent the system,” said Blankenship.

Now that everything has calmed down and Olivia is safe, the undersheriff says he’s now trying to determine whether any laws were broken.

The investigation continues and NewsChannel 4 will continue to follow the story.

Click here to read the Texas authorities documents. 

UPDATE: 12:56 p.m. on July 18 THE WOODLANDS, Tex. - The husband of one of the women involved in an Amber Alert out of Kingfisher County, Oklahoma  is telling his side of the story.

The frantic search for 5-month-old Olivia Smith took place Thursday after law enforcement issued an Amber Alert.

Investigators say Cindy Findley, the child's great-aunt, took the baby from her grandmother's home near Cashion, Okla. in Kingfisher County.

Sid Findley, husband of Cindy Findley, issued the following statement:

“The facts are the following: my wife, Cindy Findley, and my sister-in-law Jennifer Skousen are concerned, first and foremost, about the safety of the five-month-old baby Olivia Smith. Olivia’s mother had signed legal documents authorizing the removal of the child. Baby Olivia was being taken out of a dangerous environment. Unfortunately, a private family matter escalated because the accusing individual maliciously and falsely issued an Amber Alert and made misleading statements to the media in order to escalate the private family matter.

The baby was found safe at 1:30 a.m.  Friday morning in Seminole, Texas, which is a small town between Lubbock and Midland.

Sid Findley's continued statement:

“We are happy Baby Olivia is now in safe hands and out of a dangerous environment. We appreciate everyone’s concern and respectfully ask to be able to keep this personal family matter private at this time. It is unfortunate that inaccurate and misleading remarks covered by the media have created false impressions of my wife and our family. We hope the public will take this into consideration and we thank you all for your understanding.”

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