Amazing video: Suspected drunk driver darts out of car into traffic; you won’t believe what happens next

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OHIO – A routine traffic stop leads to a dramatic rescue.

A North Olmstead police officer is being hailed a hero after dragging a drunken driver from the middle of a busy interstate.

When patrolman Matt Beck stopped this driver for going 82 MPH along I-480, he never expected the man to dart out into traffic.

But watch, that’s just what 54-year-old Richard Solis does – crossing three lanes of traffic.

Patrolman Back shouts at him.

“Get back in the car!,” he said.

Patrolman Beck runs after Solis.

He tries to bring him back to his car, but Solis falls to the ground.

He fights and yells.

“Kill me,” Solis said.

Patrolman Beck sees on-coming traffic and starts dragging Solis’ 340 pound body across the interstate.

What you can’t see are some passer-bys who stop to help Patrolman Beck.

Detective Sergeant Bob Wagner said his officers are trained for these types of situations.

“I don’t think that there’s any guy on this department that wouldn’t have done the same thing. We’ve got a lot of great guys here, and that’s part of the job – that you spring into action,” Sergeant Wagner said.