An unexpected delivery lands theft suspect in more trouble

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KENTUCKY – A Kentucky shoplifting suspect faces even more charges after police say he played a prank on them.

Shortly after the mans arrest, an unexpected delivery arrived at the police station.

“I mean it’s a joke truthfully. Pizzas, come on. This is a high schooler’s joke,” Corbin police said.

And in trouble for shoplifting and public intoxication.

“I’m not the guilty one on this,” Michael Harp said.

Corbin police say 29-year-old Michael Harp got himself some more charges after making a prank cell phone call.

“I’m wrongfully accused on this here. They’ve charged me with two felonies over this pizza deal because I had my phone inside the holding cell,” Harp said.

Five pizzas were ordered from Domino’s and delivered to the Corbin police department under officer Wilson’s name.

Police say that officer happens to be who arrested Harp Tuesday afternoon.

But Harp claims he’s not the one responsible for the joke.

Harp says he’s trying to move past this.

“I guess take it to court and see what happens. I mean…not much I can do at the current moment,” Harp said.

For now, he’s behind bars facing felonies for a joke police say wasn’t that funny.