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Baby on board: New guidelines issued for those expecting, here’s what you should know

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Future parents listen up!

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its pregnancy discrimination guidelines.

The hope, to clarify some confused federal laws.

An update that will benefit moms and dads.

The first first time in 30 years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued updated pregnancy discrimination guidelines.

A move to clarify federal laws like the pregnancy Discrimination Act.

The Supreme Court will soon hear a case from a UPS worker who says she was forced to take unpaid leave after she got pregnant.

The new EEOG guidelines state employers cannot force pregnant workers to take leave and must provide “light work.”

As explained in the guidelines, the American Disabilities Act applied to pregnancy related impairments.

Lactation is now covered as a pregnancy-related medical condition.

The changes also protect men.

The guidelines say men and women must be treated the same when it comes to parental leave.

So if a women gets two weeks off so does a man.

The new guidelines were issued to hopefully clarify confusing federal laws and build stronger families in the workplace.