Free care event coming to the metro in August

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Visit to the dentist's office

OKLAHOMA CITY – Medical professionals in the metro are seeking volunteers to help with a big event coming up.

Hundreds of Oklahomans will line up each morning to be seen by Remote Area Medical volunteer health professionals during a weekend of free dental, vision and limited medical care on Saturday, Aug. 16, and Sunday, Aug. 17, at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

RAM Oklahoma is especially looking for interested dental and vision professionals of all types, including students.

Those wishing to volunteer can simply sign up here.

All volunteers are covered against medical liability under a state law called the Volunteer Professional Services Immunity Act.

“We need a few more volunteers in the dental and vision fields, especially for the Sunday of the event,” said Tres Savage, RAM Oklahoma’s acting president. “We are excited to host our the national leaders of Remote Area Medical for their third event in Oklahoma. The work they do around the world and across the country changes tens of thousands of lives, and we are glad to be a part of that in Oklahoma.”

Patients needing care will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of income qualifications. Patients will have to choose between dental and vision services, but they will be able to seek women’s health or a general medical consultation in addition.

Dental care is limited to cleanings, extractions and a small number of fillings.

Vision care will involve an eye exam, with glasses often made on site depending on the complexity of a patient’s prescription.