Illegal immigration demonstrations draw counter protesters; Inflammatory confrontation caught on camera

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The battle over illegal immigration is heating up in the metro as protests and counter protests continue.

Today Overpasses For America continued demonstrations calling for the impeachment of President Obama because of the way he is handling the flood of undocumented children from Central America coming into the United States.

Things escalated when the two sides collided. The inflammatory confrontation was caught on camera.

The Overpasses For America message is loud and clear.

Supporter Toni says, “We want our laws obeyed. We want our laws enforced. We want people to come to this country as legal immigrants, not illegal.”

But Overpasses for America was quickly countered by a group called Dream Act. The group advocates for the fair treatment for all immigrants in the U.S.

Immigration attorney Melissa Lujan says, “Because of changes in laws that have made it so complicated that most people can't legally immigrate to the United States, lots of people have been separated from US citizen spouses and children and they continue to be desperate to get back.”

But when the two met on the same overpass things got heated.

The video was recorded by a member of Dream Act. He says this protester verbally attacked him after he thought his personal space was being violated.

The protester says, “You’re infringing on my space.”

He goes on to ask the protestor if he had anything to say for the camera.

The protester says, “Go back to Mexico.”

Lujan says, “That’s an inciteful, heated, mean statement.”

On the video, you can also see the Dream Act protester confronting other members of Overpasses for America.

One protester says, "You are using the children to invade our country! Go home! Go home! This is my home."

Another says, "Are you here legally?"

Dream Act protester Ulises Villalobos says, "They stereotype us. They think we`re all bad and they just think we`re all illegal and throw us all out."

But Overpasses for America wants to explain. The group says what you can't see is the protester being antagonized.

Supporter Toni says, “Yesterday we had an incident where they were flying the Mexican flag and we had a gentleman ask them you know if you love Mexico so bad why are you in our country?”

She says it started as a civil conversation. Their passion got the best of them and things just got out of hand.

She hopes the video doesn't make anyone think this group is not welcoming to legal immigrants.

“Come here but do it legally,” says supporter Toni.

“I understand their frustration. They see this at a very visceral level,” says Lujan. “They finally got a chance to talk face to face with the other side. Unfortunately I think they had a lot of pent up emotion that came out negatively.”