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New movie has some local residents on edge

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Shocking scenes from a movie set to hit theaters next month are putting some Oklahomans on edge.

The movie "Into the Storm" is a fictional drama about high school students who live through a tornado and document the aftermath.

Obviously with what happened in Moore on May 20th, some are worried this could be a mental bombshell for many.

Psychologist Dr. Stewart Beasley, said it's too real and too soon.

"I think it's too soon for us because I think we are still healing. People are still trying to get a grip on what happened.  There are still people who are suffering. I think this is probably Hollywood's opportunity to take advantage of a current event and to dramatize it and feed it to a hungry public.  It certainly has to do with the buck.  Companies are in the business to make money."

The movie opens on August 8th.  The Warren Theater in Moore said it will show the film.