UPDATE: Police stop motorcyclist who led officers on high-speed chase

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Update: 5:40 p.m. - Police have identified the motorcyclist who led officers on a high-speed chase as Jerod Thompson, 27.

Officials say Thompson told police that he ran because he did not have a license and had a crack pipe on him.

Police say at one point they considered calling off the chase, but felt it wasn't too out of control or dangerous to call off.

According to the Warr Acres Police Department, the motorcycle has not been reported stolen.  They are working to find out who it belongs to.


OKLAHOMA CITY - Authorities say a high-speed that led officers throughout the city has finally come to an end.

Officers say it started out in a residential neighborhood when police tried to pull over the motorcycle.

A neighbor says the suspect took off and Warr Acres police could be seen chasing after him.

The chase started in northwest Oklahoma City, where the suspect went east on the N.W. Expressway.

He continued to elude police as he went south on May Ave.

The driver then continued in a circle, where he went back north and cut between cars on May Ave.

Police had to drive over the curb at a stoplight, just to the north of N.W. Expressway so they could drive around parked cars at the stop light.

The suspect continued north to Wilshire, where he went east into Nichols Hills before heading south on Pennsylvania Ave. to N.W. 23rd St.

The driver then went back west to May Ave., where he went south again.

He continued south to S.W. 15th St. and Oklahoma City called off all of their units at that point.

The chase continued with Warr Acres officers in pursuit.

The suspect started going in and out of neighborhoods when he was at N.W. 10th St. and Meridian.

He was forced to stop when an Oklahoma City officer stopped his car in front of the bike and drew his weapon.

The suspect laid the bike down in a woman's driveway and was taken into custody.

Police say they do not know who the motorcycle belongs to at this time.