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Pothole patrol: Warped road a nightmare for OKC morning commuters

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OKLAHOMA CITY - If you've driven along roads across the state, you may have come across a pothole or two.

However, drivers in Oklahoma City are especially frustrated with one stretch of road.

"This is just terrible. I mean, we have to drive up and down this and it's rough. It's just a mess. They just left it totally messed up," said Randy Smith.

Drivers are frustrated with a bumpy commute along a warped road on N.W. 30th and McKinley.

"You know, you think you'd have someone come out here and fill it up, you know, because it's about a foot deep," said Shawn West.

City officials say the problem spans from a broken water line that stretches the length of a pickup truck.

"If you're not paying attention, you're going to have a wreck because it's going to throw you off and you're going to hit a curb," West said.

Drivers have been dealing with the torn-up street for several days.

One annoyed resident spoke out on Twitter about the problem, saying the construction mess  looks like a huge sinkhole.

After seeing that tweet, NewsChannel 4 reached out to the City of Oklahoma City.

Within an hour, inspectors were out to barricade the area.

It was a situation averted for now, but still a headache for drivers who say they couldn't believe it took so long to fix.

"It's not fair to the citizen and to the business owners down here, and they need to fix it. I mean they need to do something about it yesterday, not tomorrow," Smith said.

The city says the Water Department will put a temporary patch on the area until a contractor can create a more permanent solution.