New app could help keep students safe in the event of a lockdown

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Cell phone

ALABAMA – A new cell phone app could be used to help teachers and administrators communicate during a school lockdown.

It’s called “My School Alert.”

It was developed by a middle school nurse in Dothan, Alabama.

The app helps school employees stay in touch during a lockdown and helps administrators get important information such as how many kids are accounted for and who needs help.

The app’s developer, Janice Horne, says she hopes the technology will be a reassuring tool for school staff.

“Even the drills are scary because it’s the unknown, you have no idea what’s going on outside those doors and then everyone has to be quiet, so then your mind just wonders what’s going on – is it real is it not real.”

So far, the app is being used in schools in Dothan City, Pike County and the Birmingham area.

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